Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coraline, take me away

I saw Coraline yesterday. I was in Gothic heaven. I found myself wanting to crawl into the story and block the return door. I don't know what this says about my state of mind (age wise) or my state of satisfaction with the world as it manifests day to day, but I always end up chocking down tears of longing for my youth when I see films like this. The Nightmare Before Christmas especially draws me in with it's hypnotic soundtrack by Danny Elfman. I feel an attempt to woo me with promises of safety in the darkness being offered if I will just release my connection with the mundane worries of all that I wake up to in this plane. "Ah, but that is the dilemma isn't it?" If I slip into madness will I always enjoy the fantasy world or should I be satisfied with the possibility of unknown events that can unfold here? Well, as of this morning I'm hanging in here still. Another day of walking a few dogs in the rain for minimal earnings with a good friend and then coming home to pay the utility bills may not have me feeling like leaping out of bed, but who knows? Maybe I'll see a wraith in the mists while we hike along the cliffs in Pacifica. Maybe I'll find inspiration in the music of the rain drops and return with new poetry aching to be written. For additional musings please meander over to another spot in the world of JoJo
and rainadelmagick on our joint artistic projects page here at  Creative Connections from San Francisco to Skye.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drifting Across the Sea to Skye

Away, away. My mind meanders in the form of tenuous strands of plasma, wisps blown about by the gusting winds across the Atlantic Ocean. I can almost catch up with it as the thoughts reach my dear friend, JoJo and whisper queries into her ear. "What macabre creations are you stitching?" She replies with a punctuated tap on her keyboard, then points an artist's calloused finger at the screen... jojo's world
After my mind's eyes have scanned the ghoulish offerings JoJo lifts her finger again. She flicks the floating ethers and sends them sailing back to my head where they whip smack straight into my forehead. Suddenly I'm back in my own room waiting out a literal storm. I heat a cup of Chai and sink under the blankets content to read about our future joint ventures at our new blog spot -
If one feels so inclined more musings can be found in my primary blog here.
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