Monday, September 6, 2010

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Abundance

The seasons they are a changing. I have been in a heart break slump for a few weeks. I asked Aphrodite for help a couple of days back. She can be very generous in healing the heart and opening it up for new possibilities. The results of my request have shown up for my healing through my amazing resources of community.  First I was gifted tickets for the Pleasanton Highland Games and was fortunate to have the entire weekend to be with my "peeps". I love my extended family and our "taste tests". The Farquharsons are generous in heart and spirit. I also rode the "Dicken's" out of my penny farthing, swerved a bit after the second taste test. Throughout the day I pounded the earth Celtic style to the drum beats of Brother, a band from Down under. They were at Faerieworlds 2010 and I couldn't have imagined that their set would lift me higher than before. Listen to them as soon as your little ears can seek out their didg', drums and pipes. Another band that inspired me to thump and writhe was Albannach. I've seen them at the Fringe, Edinburgh in years past and was thrilled they'd made it across the pond. Their drumming is so intense that my hips have become double jointed, LOL!. 

Then today, I awoke and found that abundance had reached me here on the home front.

I was included in a treasury on etsy today, whoot whoot!
Here is the treasury, please check out all of the beautiful work

This is an auspicious day, another treasury! Here is the piece that was included,

This is only the beginning of the month of Autumn Equinox / Mabon and harvesting the results of our year of sowing. Please do share what is flowing into your lives during this time. I will post the details here with links to your own blogs and other accounts.

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